18 Month Extension for Open Work Permits!

The IRCC will be implementing temporary measures for open work permits, building off the measures introduced earlier this year to address Canada’s labour shortage. These special measures will allow selected individuals to have the opportunity to extend their work permits for an additional 18 months!  

Who do these measures apply to? 

  • Individuals with Expiring/Expired Post-Graduation Work Permits  
  • Applicants to the Temporary Resident-to-Permanent Resident Pathway 

What do these measures do?  

These measures provide an opportunity to work in the interim, until May 31st 2023. 

PGWP holders may be eligible to get a one-time open work permit, allowing them to work for up to 18 months, if their PGWP has expired or will expire (September 20th 2021 – December 31st 2022). 

PGWP holders and TR-to-PR applicants can expect an email from the IRCC on August 8th 2022, indicating they are allowed to work in the interim. This email can be attached to post-graduation work permits to show an employer that they are authorized to work temporarily in Canada.  

Note: The TR-to-PR Pathway closed on November 5th, 2021. You can still apply for an open work permit. However, through this program, you can no longer submit an application for permanent residence.   

The Can’s and Cant’s of the Special Measure Open Work Permit 

✔ It CAN be applied for from abroad, after you have left Canada.  
✔ It CAN be used to allow you to work while you wait for an updated or new open work permit.  
✔ It CAN be used to work while waiting for permanent residency applications to be finalized.  

✖ It does NOT restore expired legal temporary resident status.  
✖ The authorization email CANNOT be used by itself to return to Canada.  
✖ This work permit CANNOT be applied for at a port of entry. 

What if you don’t receive an email? 

If you have not received this email from the IRCC by mid-September, it likely means that you are not eligible for this work permit extensions. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as your admissibility to Canada requiring further review. However, you may still apply online to extend your work permit.  

🔗 Post-Graduate Open Work Permit   
🔗 TR-to-PR Open Work Permit  

Checkout the following flowcharts for step-by-step instructions on what you need to do in regards to the special measure Open Work Permit!  

Why are these measures being introduced? 

As detailed by Sean Fraser (Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship) on Twitter, there are nearly 100,000 international graduates who now can continue working or return to work in key sectors across the country. This will further help address labour shortages that Canada is currently facing due to its economy still recovering from the effects of the continuing pandemic. In addition, these measures will help those who are currently facing the difficult situation of whether they will need to get a new work permit or quit their jobs and leave Canada.  


TR-to-PR: Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident  
PGWP: Post-Graduate Work Permit
IRCC: Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada

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